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Hello, everyone!  We are Justin & Jacey, the owners of Salon Dajay!  Jacey opened her very first Salon Dajay (Dajay = Dad & Jacey) with the help of her father in 2010 in Bonita Springs, FL and was the very first stylist to snip hair to the floor at the age of 19!   She worked behind the chair for six years while handling the salons finances, marketing, education, advertising and maintenance with the help of her husband, Justin.  We were tired, to say the least.

In 2014, we were running out of space for stylists so we decided to open another location about three miles down the street from our original location!

In 2016, We had a baby and Jacey took some time off from behind the chair.  During this time, we were beginning to think we were missing something. We were a salon that seemed “successful” but without Jacey working behind the chair, our numbers just weren’t adding up to profit!  To top it off, stylists were working long hours, taking home small paychecks and we were about to pull our hair out with scheduling conflict, no calls, no shows, conflict, you know the drill!

After this many years of experience, we knew something had to change.  In 2016, we finally manipulated the system to create an AMAZING environment for both stylists and salon owners that seems to make our clients more at ease, too!  Now, stylists in our salon are their own boss and in charge of their own destiny!  They have the freedom to display their unique abilities and create hair “their way”!  As owners, we are now friends and a mentors to our stylists instead of their boss, what an amazing relief!  If a stylist is sick, they deal with their schedule, if a client can’t make their appointment or is unhappy with their hair, they contact their stylist!

All of this makes for a beautiful environment to work and get your hair done!  Stylists are happier, clients are happier and everyone enjoys being there!  If you’ve never experienced a rental salon, it is definitely something you should try!