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Facebook Algorithms : How To Get My Posts Seen

Even with Instagram and Twitter emerging, Facebook still remains the biggest, baddest, most rapidly growing social media platform on the line, which makes it so surprising that hair stylists aren’t using it correctly (if at all) toward building their business and brand.  The most abundant problems I see among stylists I meet with remain very consistent.  They want to know how they can grow their business, begin building after starting over, get new clients, etc, etc, and all the while it’s staring them in the face everyday as they scroll through their Facebook!

If you let Facebook work for you, you could grow your business by nearly 74%.

Facebook is the absolute best place to market anything, accounting for one in every six minutes spent online and one in every five minutes spent on mobile – that’s insane!  Now wouldn’t you then believe that instead of posting pictures of your night out drinking or your kids playing (not that there’s anything wrong with this but it definitely isn’t making you any money) you could be posting pictures of your work, advice for your clients, openings you have during the day and updates on your education to interest prospective clients?

So let’s start by chatting a little about algorithms.  I’ll make this simple.

Algorithms were born when Facebook realized that they were just too popular (seems like a real problem, aye?).  With over 2 billion active users worldwide, there’s a profuse amount of information to be seen at one time, in one given news feed, by one particular person, so Facebook had to somehow prioritize what you see and how you see it.  

Pretty clever, right?

The Facebook algorithms use around 100,000 individual factors to determine what any user sees in their News Feed at any given time.  When you log into Facebook, it scans and collects everything posted by your friends, people you follow, any groups you’ve joined and any pages you liked since the last time you logged in (which is roughly 1,500 posts a day, 300 of which we actually look at).  Then, according to Facebook algorithm, it decides out of all of these posts, which posts you are most likely to be interested in and engage with! I think it would be safe to say that many of us would not scroll through Facebook for an American average of fifty minutes each day if we didn’t feel connected or interested in at least some of what we saw in our news feed!

The same holds true for your posts, if you post something that gets a lot of engagement, Facebook will reward that by showing your post to as many people as possible, we call this “organic” traffic.  If your post does not get much interest, Facebook will eventually phase your post out of Newsfeed for everyone.

In a perfect world, we would post a special on our Facebook with a cute picture and we would suddenly be bombarded with new clients but that’s not how it works anymore.  Luckily, we now know that Facebook will indeed show high quality, engaged posts to our friends and potential clients!  We just have to figure out which posts our potential clients will engage with.  

Shares, comments, likes, link clicks and video views are among the top factors Facebook uses to decide whether or not your post is worthy of passing on.

A friend just looking at your post does not count, they must somehow, someway interact with the post!  Facebook has also made it very clear that they will reward video posts before photo or text. So if you have a great video to share, remember that it is going to get you a lot more organic traffic than anything else!

Now get out there and rev up your posting!

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